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After I hire an event vendor, does galanotes charge me for services rendered?

No, GalaNotes does NOT collect any fees from users (customers like yourself) ever. We do not get involved in your hiring process, nor do we collect any money from you, it is your responsibility completely to select the appropriate vendor for you, and contact them directly to arrange payment.

Are the event vendors listed on this website employees of GalaNotes?

GalaNotes has absolutely no affiliation or legal ties with any companies listed on its website. They are all independent companies who are only listed on our website because they want to be connected with customers such as yourself. You must select your vendor carefully and consider many factors during your selection process, GalaNotes is not responsible for any service or legal problems that may arise during your experience with the vendor. However, we would very much like to hear about what happened, we do reserve the right to refuse business to anyone if we feel they are in violation of our terms or for any other reason GalaNotes deems fit. For more accurate and up to date information on this matter, please visit our terms of service page.

How Can I Join GalaNotes?

Just click on the “register” link on the top-right hand side of our website.

How can I reach GalaNotes by phone?

Currently GalaNotes does not have phone support, but please do fill out our contact form located on our contact us page, and a friendly GalaNotes representative will respond shortly.

How do I sign up for Galanotes?

So Please Click Here

Is there a fee to hire a vendor through GalaNotes?

No, GalaNotes does not charge to hire vendors. Feel free to hire as many as you want! 🙂

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