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Business Owner Faq


Will I be able to change my subscription?

Yes, you are able to edit your profile so that you may make edits to your credit card details, subscription (i.e. change from a Silver Account to a Platinum or to the Free Account), address, upload a new photo.

Will Galanotes charge me a fee for Registering?

Galanotes will charge a monthly fee, when you subscribe to the Silver Account, the Golden Account or the Platinum Account. Each account has a different price. Once you subscribe, your credit card will be charged each month automatically. If you no longer want to be charged, you are able to change your subscription to the Free Account.

What is the refund policy?

Contact us within 3 days of payment to request a refund.

How do I sign up for Galanotes?

So Please Click Here

As a first time registered vendor, what are my options?

When you first register, you will be able to subscribe to one of the following: Free, Silver, Golden or Platinum Account.

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