Send free invites
Send free invites

Find Venues
With GalaNotes extensive venue listings you can find the perfect location for your event, even if you are not familiar with the city where your event will be taking place.GalaNotes offers you detailed descriptions, links to photos and reviews of the venue so that you are well-equiped to decide whether the location is right of your event.
Find Vendors
What is a party without food, decorations and entertainment? Find vendors of all varieties, from caterers and photographers to bands, hotels and limousine services. And make financial planning easy by letting your chosen vendors submit competing bids especially tailored to your events. Take the mystery out of the bidding process and keep costs down.
Make Communications a Cinch
Make it easy to keep track of who is coming and who they are bringing. Create interest and excitement about your event by sending free event invitations to your invitees.
Make Party Planning Social
Link your party planning with social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus and MySpace and let your invited friends help you plan by giving you feedback on possible venues and vendors. Help keeping everyone excited about your event by keeping them involved throughout the process.
Keep Track of Costs
Especially important if you are planning a company event, GalaNotes helps you to keep track of costs so that you can make sure not to go over budget.
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