Send free invites
Send free invites
GalaNotes is your one stop shop when it comes to planning the details of your personal or commercial events. Whether you are planning your sweet sixteen, wedding, after-prom party or trade union meeting, GalaNotes is committed to giving you a platform on which you can reach vendors and keep track of the details of your events.
GalaNotes for Your Party Planning
DJ’s, bands, florist, limousine companies, caterers, hotels, venue sites like banquet halls and event planners all register with us so that you can easily get bids for whatever needs you have for your events. Make comparison shopping easy and find just the right providers for your event needs.
In addition, GalaNotes makes it easy for you to keep your invitees in the loop about date, venue location, entertainment line-ups, menu and lodging options by simply logging in and setting up reminders. Using the power of social media, GalaNotes keeps you from spending all your time sending out e-mails and making sure everyone is informed of changes. Given our busy lives, GalaNotes is like having your own personal event planner.
GalaNotes for Professional Event Planners
And if you are an event planner, GalaNotes gives you the kind of support tool you may only have dreamed of. GalaNotes will reduce your footwork and keep you from having to spend hours on the phone making sure that everything goes off without a hitch. Of course, as you know, event planning is never completely hassle free, but with the help of GalaNotes you can at least make it as painless as possible.
Who Is GalaNotes?
The team of professionals behind GalaNotes is made up of trained event planners, promoters and IT professionals who coordinate their efforts to make sure that coordinating your events does not take a master’s degree in logistics. We know that getting everyone to one place at one time—be it for a wedding, a retirement party or a family reunion—can be like planning a trip to the moon. We give you the technical platform and professional assistance that you need to make sure that your event is out of this world.
GalaNotes for Vendors
And if you are a vendor looking to increase your exposure and find new leads, GalaNotes delivers potential new customers right to your inbox. When our users post new events to our site along with queries for vendors that match your description you will be able to put in your bid and tailor your pitches directly to client needs. So if you happen to be a manager for local bands, you can find out which proms or sweet-sixteens are looking for musical entertainment in your area.
If you are creating an event, managing one, or would like to pitch your services to one, GalaNotes will do the heavy lifting, so that you can get your party on.