5 Ways to Enhance your
Online Business

1) Responsive Website Design

Now-a-days looking through the constant growth of mobile development, the number of users accessing internet through hand held devices, smart phone and tablets is rapidly increasing. According to Google’s Mobile Search Report, 48% of mobile device users surf the internet via search engines, followed by (33%) well-known websites and (26%) branded apps.

2) User-friendly Mobile Trend

In this era of smart phones and big screen hand held devices they not only play a vital role in ecommerce business market but also results into additional increase in online shopping mobile sales and conversion rates which will further overtake the desktop online sales in very near future comparing the search and sales ratio.

According to the Google Market Research, people who visited a mobile-friendly website for the first time; among those 74% users have a preference to come back again to that site in future.

3) Social Media & Local Search SEO

Almost all social media network sites have plunged into social media advertising and proved social advertising conversions into significant increase in sale numbers. Not only that Social Media is one of the best effective platform for Brand Awareness and social engagement.

Mobile social media helps to improve your local based search through media like web search, image search, video platforms, maps & local places and other sharing media networks.

4) Call to Action Buttons

Call to Action buttons assists readiness to use additional features of your website quickly and easily. Small but essential feature buttons like call, email, social login and social share buttons endorse users to use such usability while using your responsive website or mobile application from any smartphone or hand held devices like tablets.


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What Is GalaNotes?
Life is hectic in itself. Coordinating events can be just as hectic. Here at GalaNotes we are detail oriented so your events can go according to plan. Let us take the stress off your planning and help in making it the best event coordinated by you just for you and your guests. We realize how important it is to save time. With GalaNotes you will also be saving money as well. When you sign up you will have access to professionals globally who have the same goal as you; to host an event to be remembered.

Hosting an event can be time consuming. Worrying about whether or not you have the right vendors doesn’t have to be. With GalaNotes at your fingers you can cut your event planning time down tremendously. No more phone call after phone call or precious minutes spent click after click finding the best price or reputable vendor when you can spend time doing what matters most; having peace of mind knowing you utilized a service which hosts professionals just like yourself.

Planning an event brings the anticipation of making sure things go just the way you’d like them to. Sure this is possible with situations that are in our control but we also realize there are situations that may present otherwise. Which is why we started GalaNotes. Having GalaNotes at your disposal gives you more freedom & control by placing indispensable tools in the hands of you the professional. Whether you’re a DJ, a wedding planner, or simply planning a memorable birthday party let GalaNotes be the vehicle for your event’s success.

Events are important but being confident in knowing your guests walk away with a smile thanks to your planning is what is memorable. Your guests shouldn’t have to be relegated to a mediocre event simply because there wasn’t enough time to plan it. With GalaNotes we do away with the middle & put you directly in contact with dedicated professionals with the same goal in mind; satisfaction on both ends.

In the fast paced world of networking Galanotes takes the worry out of whether or not your email or text message was sent or received. Our dedicated messaging client will keep you in the loop so you won’t have run around one. You will be on the inside track with access to your vendor. Want to change a detail? No problem. Your vendor will be informed. Most people like phone interactions but in a world where things can change in an instant let us facilitate that change discreetly & professionally.

Looking for bid can be tiresome. With GalaNotes you can do this from the comfort of your family room or your mobile phone. No more searching site to site hoping to get the best price.

Being a vendor your business is driven by inquiries regarding your services. With GalaNotes the guess work is taken out. Simply log in to your account and be amazed by the vast number of customers who would like someone to host their event. When our users decide to hold that memorable event their needs will be queried so you, as the vendor, can respond accordingly to meet your customer’s needs and be able to give a competitive bid. For example, it is your wedding anniversary and you would like music that is reminiscent of the memorable event. With GalaNotes your dream can come true again. You will have access to vendors that can provide such a dream.

Life is about creating memories. Let GalaNotes assist with that dream to make it an event to remember.

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